“Twisted Networking is a professional, fun and relaxed way of networking for someone who wants to connect with others without the pressure of networking in large crowds. I truly enjoyed meeting a diverse group of business owners and community leaders, plus loved how everyone was encouraged to connect outside the event. I met some amazing people that I continue to build relationships with.”

S. Moore

Rhode Island

“Twisted networking has enabled me to become a better communicator and has allowed me to get to know the community. I would recommend Twisted Networking to anyone looking to grow their business in a humble and friendly way.”

M. Trumbach


“Twisted Networking is a new and innovative way of reaching out to other professionals in a business setting. The theme encourages thoughtful comments and the questions that are asked provoke an in-depth answer that gives the other person an insight on not just how they think as a business professional but also a glimpse on what is important to them in their private life. You leave this event making more solid connections and isn't that what networking is all about?”

A. Crawford