Networking events have increasingly become an important aspect of marketing and building business relationships. Networking creates connections and opportunities that are important for success and growth. When attending networking events, you might be concerned about how to stand out, how to create a lasting impression or even what to do or say. If you employ these three tips, you will surely be remembered.


#1 Pay Attention to Names

Without hesitation, most people will readily admit that they are not good at remembering names. Did you know that a person’s name is the most important word to them? If you want to stand out at a networking event, try to remember the names of the people you meet. Try to associate their name with someone you know, with the same or a similar name. Attempt to use their name at least 3 times during your conversation. When you end a conversation, say goodbye and be sure to use their name. This will make you memorable.


#2 Convey Interest

Remember that conversation you had, and the other person seemed totally uninterested in what you were saying? Well we don’t want you to be that type of person. If you look like you aren’t interested in the people you’re speaking to, that will be the lasting impression that you make. Conveying interest is a great way to stand out at a networking event. Make eye contact, respond with a nod, smile, laugh and use positive words like, “cool”, “awesome”, “fantastic” and “amazing”. Get to know the people you are talking to by asking questions about their interests, their family and what they like to do outside of work. Conveying interest shows that you want to build a relationship and that’s what networking is all about.


#3 Follow Up

The best way to cement a lasting impression is to follow-up with your new contacts within 24-48 hours. Send an email, a text message or connect on social media. Mention how much you appreciated meeting them and add a personal note about your conversation. This will show that you valued your conversation and that you are interested in furthering this new business relationship. Following-up takes the relationship from the event and into real life.


When it comes down to it, you stand out by showing others that you care. When you pay attention to names, convey interest, and follow-up with people, you are showing them that you care about the prospect of building a business relationship with them. This will help you stand out from others who are not making the same effort.

Now that you are an expert on how to stand out at networking events, put your skills to the test and join us for a meal. Reserve your spot for an upcoming fun, interactive networking event by visiting Happy Networking!