Twisted Networking is a premier business networking organization that fosters meaningful connections, facilitates professional growth, and cultivates a collaborative community of results driven individuals.

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Event availability is given upon a first come first serve basis.

What's the Twist?

We are diverse, welcoming, structured, and fun!

During our time together, we will engage in 4 unique relationship building activities:

Tell Us

Who you are


Show Us

What you do


Educate Us

On what you know


Connect Us

So that we can grow


Benefits of Attending Online and In-Person Events

Learn from other business professionals

Make new connections and new friends

Increase your confidence and public speaking skills


Acquire free sales reps and business advocates

Become established in your community

Generate referrals and grow your business

Find an Event

Event availability is given upon a first come first serve basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do events last?

Our events typically last for one hour and fifteen minutes. We like to start promptly at 12:00PM EST and we end around 1:15PM EST. Out of respect for each other, please try arranging your schedule so that you can stay for the whole event.

Do I need to purchase a ticket or can I just login?

Due to our exclusive and intimate setting, seating is limited, and the Zoom code is only provided to those who have registered. Our events tend to sell-out, so we highly recommend that you reserve your seat in advance.

What is the attire?

Even though we are in a virtual setting, we recommend that you view our events the same as an in-person networking event. Business casual is the desired apparel. Keep in mind that the other attendees are potential clients and referral sources so always show up prepared and professional.

What kind of tech do I need for virtual events?

Since this is an interactive Zoom meeting, we highly recommend that you access the meeting from a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet. You will need a stable internet connection, a microphone, and a camera.

What happens in the event of tech issues?

We understand that technology doesn’t always cooperate. The Facilitator will do his/her best to assist you and navigate the issue to the best of their knowledge. If an issue occurs due to the Facilitator’s technology and the event needs to be cancelled, all tickets will be refunded.

Can I invite a friend or colleague?

Of course! We encourage you to purchase an additional ticket for a friend or colleague or simply forward this link and allow them to purchase their own ticket.

Do you have a Facebook group?

Yes, we have an open FB group. We love for our friends to share their business, positive quotes, promotions, and anything else they feel will add value to our group members. Most of all, we want our members to network with each other.

Can my business help sponsor an event?

Yes, we will begin hosting in-person events where sponsorship levels are available for corporate entities, nonprofits, and microenterprises.

You can also request to be a Featured Speaker. Featured Speakers have more time to educate the group. For inquiries on becoming a Featured Speaker, please fill out the Contact Form below.

Can I get a refund if I can’t make the event?

Unfortunately, there are no credits, refunds, vouchers, or transfers to a future event.

Will you use my image taken at events?

By attending an event, you give Twisted Networking the right, permission, and authority to use your name, image, voice, and/or likeness, without compensation, captured during the Twisted Networking event, its affiliated entities or contractors, and/or the media in any photographs, videotapes, CDs, DVDs, broadcast, telecast, podcast, webcast, recordings, motion pictures, commercial advertisement, promotion materials, and/or any other record of this Event for any purpose whatsoever.

Curious about Becoming a Virtual or In-person Twisted Networking Facilitator?

Twisted Networking will allow you, as the facilitator, to:

• Generate referrals.

• Increase your cash flow.

• Bolster your confidence.

• Make new connections and new friends.

• Establish or expand your sphere of influence in your community.

• Get expert information from other professionals and explore other opportunities.

• Help the local business that you are supporting by bringing in new customers.

About Twisted Networking

Launched in January 2017 in North Providence, Rhode Island, Twisted Networking was created based on Jevonya Allen’s personal experiences with a wide range of networking event formats, both online and in-person. Jevonya encountered events that were exceptionally well-organized, which she appreciated, but sometimes found them too rigid to accommodate her lifestyle as a single mother. On the other hand, she also came across events that were fun and laid-back but lacked the necessary structure for productive networking. Additionally, Jevonya attended events with an overwhelming number of attendees, which, being an introvert, made her feel uncomfortable.

Recognizing the need for a balanced networking experience, Twisted Networking was created as a fusion of the positive aspects found in various event formats. Our primary objective is to assist attendees in taking their businesses, causes, organizations, or careers to the next level by fostering meaningful relationships within a comfortable and welcoming environment.

At Twisted Networking events, we strive to provide an optimal blend of informativeness, interactivity, enjoyment, and efficient use of time. Our events are designed to be both educational and engaging, ensuring that attendees gain valuable insights and connections while having a great time. We believe that attending Twisted Networking, events will be a transformative experience that you will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from. We invite you to join us and discover the unique networking opportunities we offer.

Questions, Thoughts, Comments?

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