If you struggle to explain exactly what service you offer your clients, you’re not alone. When presented with a situation in which they have to describe exactly what services/products they provide, many people find themselves at a loss for words.

Of course, you know what you do, but how can you effectively explain your business to others? Here are a few ways you can explain your business effectively, every time.

Speak clearly

When you talk about your product or service, try to avoid the use of vague language. Keep your language focused on your operations, what you actually achieve through your business and how you benefit others with your services.

Don’t be afraid to practice your responses.  If you notice that you receive the same question frequently from many interested individuals. The more you practice, the more you’ll sound knowledgeable and informed to your audience, rather than caught off-guard or worse, unsure.

If at all possible, try to make your explanation personal. According to Forbes, leading into your explanations with a question to your listeners regarding whether they’ve experienced a problem that your services solve automatically engages interest.

Talk about service/product benefits instead of features of the service/product

Your product could very well be the most technologically advanced solution available on the market, but the truth is, most listeners don’t want to know the features of your product, at least not in the beginning.

They want to know what it does and why it’s the best solution. In the interest of retaining interest, present the outstanding benefits of your service first. Once your audience is interested and actively listening, you can then talk about the technical aspects of how your product works, it’s unique design and what sets it apart from other, similar products currently available.

Keep it short and to the point (60 seconds or less)

Your objective is to keep your explanation short, while clearly explaining exactly what you do and hopefully gain interest in your services. Even if the audience you’re currently speaking to doesn’t have a need for your services. Your goal is to be remembered by them when they, or someone else they know, does.

To achieve that, it’s best to keep your explanation short and to the point, while still highlighting the benefits you offer. Don’t be afraid to take the time to write down the selling points of your services and what makes them the best. You’ll want to be able to communicate quickly and clearly exactly what makes your business outstanding. So be ready with a few key points that will make a lasting impression.

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